Thursday, February 18, 2010

Words and music at Greenlight

NOTE: This event has been postponed to March 24 due to the inclement weather.

By Meredith Deliso

Rick Moody is a writer who often ventures into music.

Wesley Stace is a musician who often ventures into writing.

Together, both Brooklynites comprise the band Authros, a seeming misspelling of the word author (it’s a two-headed folk beast), featuring the two of them and an acoustic guitar. On February 25, they’ll share in both talents at the Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene.

“I admire Rick (pictured above) as an author, and I’ve read his eloquent writing about music, but I’ve never heard him play, so that will be a treat. And I know (Stace) as a musician, but haven’t heard his fiction,” says Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, co-owner of the bookstore, which opened last October. “I’m looking forward to hearing how these great talents play out in new arenas.”

First during the evening of words and music will be the former, as both authors (Moody of “The Ice Storm,” “The Diviners,” “Demonology,” “The Black Veil,” among others, and Stace of “Misfortune” and “By George”), will read from unpublished works.

For Stace (left), that might mean reading from “Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murder,” his third novel due out in England this summer that tells the story, says Stace, of a British classical composer who murders his wife and his wife’s lover on the eve of his debut opera. Though the title does leave some room for doubt.

“It’s a murder novel, therefore, there are also other aspects to it,” says Stace, who speaks enthusiastically in a strong British accent that hasn’t lost its luster despite his years in Brooklyn.

In the music realm, Moody has performed with the Wingdale Community Singers and One Ring Zero, both groups prone to the literary themselves, while Stace has released 15 albums as John Wesley Harding. The two joined forces musically about three or four years ago, often accompanying each other at readings.

“It’s been a side project for me, but a pleasurable way for me to sit down with somebody who’s good at singing and think about songs quite carefully and get a good selection,” says Stace, adding that the two have enough songs now that they’re going to record an album.

Stace is not new to mixed-media events. Last year, he kicked off the acclaimed variety show Cabinet of Wonders, which returns at Le Poisson Rouge on March 25, April 15 and May 20, with more all-star guests like Eugene Mirman, Janeane Garofalo, Sarah Vowell, Paul Muldoon, Nicole Atkins, Ben Greenman, and, of course, Moody.

On the immediate horizon, of course, is the Greenlight gig, which is extra special for Stace, as the bookstore is right in his Fort Greene neighborhood.

“I’m like two blocks away from it,” says Stace, who’s lived in the neighborhood for over five years. “This place has been sorely lacking a bookstore. For a while, needing a bookstore was second to needing a good grocery store. Now we have five good grocery stores. The bookstore was next. Man cannot live by bread alone.”

Rick Moody and Wesley Stace read at Greenlight Bookstore (686 Fulton St.) February 25 March 24 at 7:30 pm. Also featuring a special musical performance by the two as Authros. The event is free.

For more information, call 718-246-0200.


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