Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brooklyn's party people

House of Yes.

Gemini & Scorpio.

Winkel & Balktick.

It's a who's who of Brooklyn's underground party throwers in the New York Times this week, detailing what went down Valentine's Day at various theme parties, from Bushwick to Prospect Heights.

With parties planned every major holiday by these folks (New Year's Eve, Halloween, next up: St. Patrick's Day?), this is the "era of the events producer," a multi-talented group of artists and acrobats.

Says the Times: "Theirs is a tight-knit community of makers and performers, who share resources — from bolts of fabric and guest lists to manpower — and some ideologies, the most urgent of which is a do-it-yourself mentality that defines a good time not as passive entertainment but as a participatory event."

One producer sums up that ethos perfectly: “I’ve never seen a picture,” said Rhiannon Erbach-Gruber. “You just had to be there.”

Better get on those e-mail lists.

Chad Batka for The New York Times


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