Friday, February 12, 2010

New classes at Brooklyn Brainery announced

Here's a look at the course descriptions for the next set of classes offered by Brooklyn Brainery, one of the newer adult education offerings in the borough:

Meat!: Learn the difference between top round and a tenderloin, the nuances of braising, and where to find cow's lung.

Beauty School Dropout: Freshen up your cosmetic skills - we'll cover history and chemistry along with the theory behind what looks good on who.

Modern Poetry: Let's cast off the John Donne for a bit - if it's written after 1900 it's fair game.

Paper Arts: If you think paper is just for crumpling up in movie scenes about writer's block, you would oddly be incorrect: we'll cover paper-making, bookbinding, paper planes, origami and a billion other neat things.

Introduction to Gardening: Whether you have a backyard or a windowsill we'll figure out how to make it grow green.

Applied Meteorology: We sure spend enough time talking about the weather, let's start doing it intelligently. We'll use the word "cumulonimbus" a lot.

Registration is open as we speak, so get to it!


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