Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March 6 is for metal at Union Pool

It’s a double dose of metal this month.

On March 6, Liturgy and Naam head to Williamsburg for a set that’s sure to blow the water out of Union Pool, a welcome home for metal heads.

Out of Brooklyn, Liturgy in particular has been blowing up in recent months with their black metal, thanks to shows at The Blackened Music Festival at Le Poisson Rouge, as well as non-metal circles, including a New Yorker Festival show and shout-outs from a Dirty Projector.

Their music equally draws from a range of influences: the solemn 11th century chants of Perotin, the allegorical prophecies of Blake, the apocalyptic vision of Scriabin, the mass-media spirituality of Jodorowsky, the cataclysmic transcendence of Glenn Branca’s post-minimalist collective no-wave drones.

Also a Brooklyn band, Naam delves more in stoner rock, with the trio molding elements of classic psychedelia and prog with modern elements of jam-heavy bliss and apocalyptic amplitude.

Hear them March 6 at Union Pool (484 Union Ave.) at 9 pm. Tickets $10 $8. For more information, go to


Devin March 2, 2010 at 4:44 PM  

ticket price was changed to $8, fyi!

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