Tuesday, February 2, 2010

From our papers

Lots of interesting entertainment news and features covered by our papers this week. Take a look:

Angry over amp: Coney Island residents continue to show ire for a $64 million amphitheater planned in Asser Levy Seaside Park, a waste of money as the city and state prepare to cut services, they contend.

Idiotarod: Hipsters braved the cold for the annual Idiotarod, which kicked off at Williamsburg's Cooper Park.

Museum troubles: The City Reliquary, a storefront museum in Williamsburg, is calling on your help. The space needs $60,000 in order to maintain its operations this year or they will shut their doors for good. A benefit is planned for February 18 at the Knitting Factory.

TV personality: Meet Peter D. Michael, AKA MSG Guy, the star of the sports network’s 50 Greatest Days, who's a regular Ridgite.

Deli wars: It's on. There's a new deli in town - Mile End in Boerum Hill.


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