Friday, February 5, 2010

'Last Summer at Coney Island'

Want to see "Last Summer at Coney Island" get made?

You can help.

The director, JL Aronson, is seeking donations to help his film, which documents the famous playground at a time when it's future is unclear.

Says the director: "Beginning in early Spring of 2007, I set out to capture Coney Island at a pivotal moment in its 125+ year history as an amusement destination. With City Hall and private developers laying out their competing plans for Coney Island's 21st century makeover, many of the local residents and business people felt trapped in the middle or left out in the surf. Much has happened since then, and while the area's uncertain future brought media attention from across the world, few stuck around long enough to get the full story."

Currently Aronson's story is in the editing stages, and he and his team are looking to raise at least $16,000 by March 10 to finish the film and get it to festivals.

You can help get them there by pledging support here, where you can also get a preview of the project, truly a labor of love.


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