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What to wear with Au Revoir Simone

The girls of Au Revoir Simone are as distinct as their dreamy, piano-based pop.

Their sweet yet sophisticated look in part comes from Brooklyn vintage stores like Malin Landaeus, on North 6th between Bedford and Driggs avenues in Williamsburg, and shoes down the street from Shoe Market to trot those vintage classics on.

They also, alas, find a lot of their outfits while on tour out of the country.

“We did a massive shopping spree in Stockholm,” says Erika Roster. “It's always really awesome to find touring dresses.”

Read more about the group's upcoming travels in support of their new album, “Still Night, Still Light,” after the jump.

All together now: Au Revoir Simone is sonic energy times three

Williamsburg’s favorite female trio, indie darlings Au Revoir Simone, have been busy hitting the road – and the skies – in support of their latest offering of electro-piano pop with the release of their third album, “Still Night, Still Light.” But before they fly off for a summer tour in Europe, they made it a point to get in a couple shows in town.

For the past two years, the band, comprised of Heather D’Angelo, Erika Roster and Annie Hart – all on keys and vocals, with D’Angelo on the drum machine – have been working on their follow-up to 2007’s “The Bird Of Music.” The newest album from the band, which formed in Williamsburg in 2002, promises more of the group’s dreamy, melancholy, piano-based pop. and finds the trio even tighter than before.

“We’ve always sort of felt psychically connected. And the three of us had spent two years constantly with each other, traveling the world and meeting new people. All of our influences were the same,” said Roster, while in the midst of moving out of her Williamsburg apartment for the summer in preparation of traveling yet again. “When it came to writing songs together, it was amazing how much we were all on the same page. Conceptually, lyrically and sonically – there was so much overlap between the three of us. Everything just came together.”

When looking for a fourth to join their group – a producer – the band turned to the guys in Peter, Bjorn, and John, whom they had toured with a couple years ago, for a recommendation.
“We really love Bjorn’s production style – there’s a great pop sensibility while still being really weird,” said Roster. “It was like, where can we find someone like that?”

They found Thom Monahan (The Whispertown 2000, Vetiver), who helped them dive deeper into their instruments and produce a more dance-heavy, bassy sound that alternates with their lighter, quieter moments.

After finishing up recording in Hart’s Greenpoint apartment and out in LA at Monahan’s, the album came out this past Tuesday on the band’s own label, Our Secret Record Company.

Before the album came out, the girls had been preparing for its eminent release, with a listening party earlier this month at (Le) Poisson Rouge and, before their month in Europe, a small, unannounced show at Williamsburg’s Union Pool.

“We made it a point of debuting our songs in Brooklyn first,” said Roster. “We wanted to invite our friends out and play new songs live, and be a part of that community on a smaller scale.”

Next, the trio can be found at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, headlining a show May 29, and then playing the following month at the Bowery Ballroom on June 27, before flying off on their European tour.

Until that point, they’re just looking to enjoy their time in Brooklyn before leaving for three months.

“As much as I feel exhausted and want to chill out, I think the weather is very inspiring to see people and spend time outside,” said Roster, who was looking forward to a bracelet-making party in McCarren Park this past weekend with some friends. “It’s so nice to visit new places, but it’s hard to imagine being anywhere except New York.”

Au Revoir Simone play the Music Hall of Williamsburg May 29 at 9 p.m. Get there early for Brooklyn-based acts The Antlers and Lights, an avant-folk quartet, for a night of solid indie pop.
Tickets are $15.

They also play Bowery Ballroom (6 Delancey St.) June 27 at 8 p.m. Tickets are also $15.

--Meredith Deliso
Published in the 5.21.09 issue of 24/Seven


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