Thursday, March 4, 2010

So, you think you know Tennessee?

The Bushwick Starr follows up its rock opera with a complete 180 - rare plays by Tennessee Williams.

The mind behind such classics as “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” also made the dense flop “Camino Real." This festival takes a look at the more experimental side of Williams.

The Unknown Williams" runs March 11-27. Here's a look at what's in store:


This is the Peaceable Kingdom

Lead Artist-William Burke

A place of love without fear; or a nursing home riot.

Thursday, 3/11 7:30pm

Friday, 3/12 9:30pm

Saturday, 3/13 7:30pm


The Case of the Crushed Petunias "A Lyrical Fantasy”

Lead Artist- Sherrine Azab

This stylized and flamboyant piece serves as a timeless adulthood fable with subtle notes of Hitchcock and “The Twilight Zone” in flavor.

Why Do You Smoke So Much, Lily?

Lead Artist- Kate Foster

A haunting tale of unfulfilled dreams, parental pressure and personal inertia.


Lead Artist- Andrew Simon

Three members of a chain-gang can only sit and wonder as a fourth makes a run for his freedom.

Friday, 3/12 7:30pm

Saturday, 3/13 9:30pm

Sunday, 3/14 7:30pm

Monday, 3/15 7:30pm


Municipal Abattoir

Lead Artist- Diana Konopka

On a city street somewhere, one man stops another to ask for directions. A short play about politics and punctuality.

The Day On Which A Man Dies

Lead Artist- Jake Hooker

Not a play about the death of a Great Painter: it is the death of painting, of art, and of greatness.

Wednesday, 3/17 7:30pm

Friday, 3/19 9:30pm

Saturday, 3/20 7:30pm

Sunday, 3/21 7:30pm


The Purification

Lead Artist- Kathleen Kennedy Tobin

Williams' only verse drama, a tale of passion, murder and blood atonement in territorial New Mexico, will be performed by puppets on a small stage.

Thank You, Kind Spirit
Directed by Alisa Matlovsky
At the end of Chartres Street, in the Vieux Carre of New Orleans, Mother Duclos presides over a spiritualist service.

Thursday, 3/18 7:30pm

Friday, 3/19 7:30pm

Saturday, 3/20 9:30pm

Monday, 3/22 7:30pm


Now the Cats with Jewelled Claws

Lead Artist- Donya K.Washington

Ladies Who Lunch in a cafe that's a refugee from a Toulouse Lautrec design with a James Dean-esque (gay) biker duo - what else could it be but a Williams play?

Thursday, 3/25 7:30pm

Friday, 3/26 9:30pm

Saturday, 3/27 7:30pm


The Pronoun 'I'

Lead Artist- Michael Levinton
A mad Queen of England, nearly nude narcissistic boy-beloveds, hot bedraggled revolutionaries, and a great gilded assertion of the first person singular.

Green Eyes

Lead Artist- Travis Chamberlain

The text of this compact erotic thriller becomes an outlet for one woman’s outrageous fantasy, testing the limits of sexual tolerance in a backhanded satire of heterosexual matrimony.

The Remarkable Rooming-House of Mme. Le Monde

Lead Artist- Shannon Sindelar

In this perverse and brutal work, comic horror plays out with some of Williams’ most outrageous characters.

Wednesday, 3/24 7:30pm

Thursday, 3/25 9:30pm

Friday, 3/26 7:30pm

Saturday, 3/27 9:30pm

All tickets $12.


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