Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good

By Elizabeth Dana

For indie band Apollo Sunshine, geography had put their music on hold.

The three members live on opposite sides of the country, in Brooklyn, Boston and San Francisco, and have spent the last year working on individual projects. But now, the experimental psychedelic pop band is ready to reunite to play one of their favorite venues, Southpaw in Park Slope.

The March 25 show will bring band members Sam Cohen, Jesse Gallagher and Jeremy Black back to a venue they have played nearly a dozen times.

“Different things have taken us different places, but there’s a common musical thread,” said guitarist Cohen, who lives in Greenpoint.

The band, originally from Boston, has an admiration for the music scene here in Brooklyn. “There are really talented people here, really world class people making music,” Cohen said. “There are so many resources. There is always music being made.”

Indeed, Apollo Sunshine mixed its most recent album, “Shall Noise Upon,” at Headgear Recording in Williamsburg, and Cohen has formed his own band, Yellowbirds, with other Brooklyn-based musicians.

Apollo Sunshine’s sound is like a “collage,” said Cohen. “We like to incorporate different sounds, different types of songs, different textures. It’s very layered.”

During their year off, the band had the song “Breeze” from “Shall Noise Upon,” featured in the soundtrack for the 2009 Drew Barrymore movie “Whip It.” Though the band did not feel the effect of the extra publicity since they were not playing at the time, they were pleased to be chosen. “It’s something to show your aunt that you’re a super-good musician,” said Cohen, laughing.

The band has only two shows planned for now, one in Boston and one at Southpaw, but they are hoping to schedule a short tour in the Northeast this spring before beginning work on a new album. And as they look to create some momentum after a year away from the scene, they are happy to be returning to a familiar place.

“We’ve played big shows and small shows in Brooklyn,” said Cohen. “It’s always really fun.”

Apollo Sunshine play Southpaw (125 Fifth Ave.) March 25 at 9 pm. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 day of show. For info, call (718) 230-0236.


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