Thursday, March 4, 2010

Catching up with Char No. 4

Immaculate Infatuation steps behind the camera’s this week, visiting Char No. 4 in Cobble Hill.

Along for the ride was the band Johnathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, which, like the chef at Char No. 4, hails from Texas.

Says the site on why they picked the spot: Char No. 4 is one of Brooklyn’s best restaurants. It’s all about bourbon, smoked meats, barbecue, and feeling good. Read our full review here.

Chef Matt Greco is Texas born, and we thought we would introduce him to Dallas’ own Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights and see how the food at Char No. 4 stacks up to what you might find in the Lone Star State.


Infatuation TV: Jonathan Tyler hits Char No. 4 from Immaculate Infatuation on Vimeo.


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