Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pedigree, Shmedigree

Best beard? Photo:

Every dog really can have his day soon, thanks to the Brooklyn Mutt Show.

On March 13 and 14, the Brooklyn Lyceum will host the mixed breed bonanza. Wondering where your lovable mutt might fit in? Here are the categories:

Sloppiest Kisser
Most Indistinct - What’s it made of???
Most Nutritionally Advantaged (Fattest)
Looks Most Like Owner
Looks Most Like Anything Other than a Dog
Best LAP DOG OVER 70lbsLongest Hair
Softest Coat
Best Tail
Least Useful Pet Trick
Most Useful Pet trick
Best Beard
Cutest Puppy 6 months and younger
Best handmade doggie t-shirt contest
Senior Stud (8 years and older)
Canine Best Costume Cavalcade

Registration is still open, so sign up here. Those are two legs are also invited, with tickets available here.


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