Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fresh 'Imprint'

Window shopping just got more interesting.

“Imprint” features limited edition prints from eights artists in Pratt’s Pressure Print Collective, and runs through March 31 in Myrtle Avenue storefronts between Vanderbilt and Hall, with additional works shown indoors at Tamboril, 527 Myrtle Avenue.

Presented by Myrtle Windows Gallery, the organization brings two-dimensional art traditionally limited to the private gallery to the public arena via the storefront window, where it is accessible to anyone walking down the street.

In 2010, Myrtle Windows Gallery will expand its geography to include blocks between Vanderbilt and Hall, and add new storefronts to the program.

This is the first of three exhibitions planned for this year, and each will feature an added bonus for gallery visitors — special deals at featured businesses.

For more, visit www.myrtleavenue.org or call 718-230-1689.


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