Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pumps & Pleats: London hits Brooklyn

By Michèle De Meglio

Every gal loves roses, tulips and gardenias but Liberty of London has taken florals too far.

The posh British brand just unveiled a cheap and chic collaboration with Target, which has three stores in Brooklyn.

The massive collection includes girls’ and ladies’ apparel, shoes, bedding and housewares — all decorated in outlandish floral motifs.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig flowers as much as the next lady but it’s the print that makes all the difference.

If you ask me, spring should be about tiny and delicate daisies — not carnations the size of my skull. And what’s with the muted shades? Bring on the bright colors!

Fortunately, Liberty does have some shining moments.

Designers get it right with an oversized tote in Jennifer Blue ($19.99). The slouchy bag is coated with itty-bitty green leaves and blue and white flowers, which are perfectly offset by two crisp white straps with subtle matte studs. Liberty made a huge goof, nearly ruining the sweet spring style, by including a pitch black interior lining. Would a happy color kill ya? (I must admit, this is a recession-friendly trend in both affordable and high-end handbags. So depressing.)

The $19.99 Susanna duffle bag is all wrong. Flowers should come in pretty shades of pink and periwinkle — not mustard yellow or moss green. Who wants daisies that look like dirt? Not me!

A few of the tops and dresses work. Namely, the silky Fairford tank adorned with ruffles and a dangerously low keyhole cutout ($19.99) and the one-shoulder maxi dress in a pleasant plum ($34.99).

But there’s no excuse for wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit covered in large black and white sunflowers. Boring!

Although you might think Liberty of London’s sweet pea prints are only for ladies, there’s a whole series of boxershorts, ties and shirts for men.

Fellas, picture yourself in a button-down business shirt plastered with pink and yellow flowers. Now add a paisley tie. That’s taking flowers way too far.

Target has three stores in Brooklyn — at the Triangle Junction at 1598 Flatbush Avenue, in Gateway Mall at 519 Gateway Drive, and at the Atlantic Center Mall at 139 Flatbush Avenue. Visit for hours.

Michèle De Meglio is a native Brooklynite addicted to all things chic. Check out Pumps & Pleats each week for more adventures as she scours the borough for fab duds and accessories.


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