Friday, June 12, 2009

For your wall

Holiday Matinee's blog is always a fun read, though a lot of the time it's West Coast-centric.

This week, though, they rave about these posters from Three Potato Four and designer Jim Datz, including this Brooklyn beauty, with 50's inspired illustrations and urban signage. There's also a Manhattan one.

More details on the prints: they measuring 16" by 24", are hand screenprinted in six colors (including gold metallic) on thick 100% recycled acid-free 100# soft white paper stock. They're $48, with the first edition of 200 prints each individually signed by the artist.

These city posters remind me of the black and white minimalist ones from Ork (which also come in yellow and in royal navy).

Either one will make a great gift, or let you show some Brooklyn pride in style.


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