Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small-town Joe makes it 'OK'

It's ok, he's an actor.

By Tiffany Yannetta

If you’re a fan of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “The Office,” odds are you’re going to like the Brooklyn-based “It’s OK! I’m an Actor.”

Running as a web series, “It’s OK! I’m an Actor” premiered on last month. The show, which is a mock-reality show and comedy all in one, documents the life of a television commercial actor and his hilarious and eccentric friends.

The series follows Joe, formerly of small-town Kansas, who moves to Brooklyn to pursue his acting career. He is able to snag some commercial TV gigs, and soon signs up for a reality show, allowing a camera crew to follow him and document his life.

Other characters on the show include Joe’s 9-5 roommate, Ryan. Tension ensues between the two due to the interferences of other characters, like Joe’s diva ex-girlfriend, a self-promoting rapper, and various rivals and washed-up soap-opera actors.

The show’s executive producer and co-creator, Christopher Ventura, lives in Park Slope. His other works include “Barber” (2008) and “The Natural Way” (2003). “Barber” was Nominated Best Short in the New Jersey Film Festival and the International Film Festival South Africa.

Peter LaSala, producer and co-creator, specializes in narrative and documentary film and video shorts.

Each episode of “It’s OK!” is 15 minutes long, and is separated into three parts. In between scenes, each episode will feature two mock-commercials to provide further insights into the characters. These include a commercial for “Sproutz,” a male enhancement solution, and “Belly Booter Two,” a diet pill.

Check out the pilot episode below, as well as other full episodes, at


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