Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Starting next month, the Brooklyn Lyceum will feel a little idealistic.

That's because from October 9 through November 22, The Nerve Tank will perform “bauhaus the bauhaus” at the Park Slope venue.

The ensemble theater work reflects on the utopian ideals of the Bauhaus movement, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.

The title of the show, “bauhaus the bauhaus,” is written in lower case as a reference to the typography of Herbert Bayer, who sought the elimination of capital letters in Bauhaus designs.

The piece follows several researchers searching for the essence of Utopia, who try to make sense of what the Bauhaus movement was and how it relates to contemporary society.

Among its characters are such historical figures as the German architect Walter Gropius, Andy Warhol, Henry Ford and Tom Wolfe. The production is a compilation of dialogue scenes, some with direct audience address, and sequences of precise physical movement. There will be interaction between video and live performers. Often two or more things will happen at the same time.

Part of the visual concept is to use aspects of the Brooklyn Lyceum that evoke aspects of the Bauhaus philosophy. Technical components (lighting, sound) will be visible to the audience and actor-manipulated whenever possible. The ensemble will use the raw upstairs space of the Brooklyn Lyceum and project video on available surfaces that simulate Bauhaus designs. Deconstructed Bauhaus costumes will be used, as well as Andy Warhol wigs and lab coats.

Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 7 p.m. The Brooklyn Lyceum is at 227 Fourth Avenue. Tickets are $18; students and artists, $15. For more, call 800-838-3006.


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