Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our exclusive Mus-o-meter registers Mia Riddle

By Meredith Deliso

Mia Riddle began as a solo artist, and while she’s added a full band over the past few years, her soft, emotive voice is still front and center (hear them for yourself tonight at Union Pool). To really get a sense of what she and her band is all about, we leave that up to the math of the Mus-o-meter.

Take the vulnerable vocal stylings of Jenny Lewis on her 2006 album “Rabbit Fur Coat.” Then add …

The sleepy, laid back alt-country of Wilco’s 2007 album, “Sky Blue Sky.” Then add …

The sad, soulful yearning of Neil Young’s classic country-tinged “Harvest.” The sum?

Mia Riddle and Her Band’s new album, “Ticonderoga.”


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