Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get your drink on at Red Star's Beer Festival

By Joe Anuta

The more you enjoy this annual Greenpoint festival, the less you’ll remember it.

The Beer Festival at Red Star Bar and Grill is back, with 33 varieties of microbrews just waiting to be consumed.

It’s not a deal by any means — $20 gets you a sample of six brews — but the excitement comes from trying some beers that no man has downed before.
We’re talking about Black Xantus, an imperial stout California-based Nectar Ales, or Back in Black, a potent IPA made by 21st Amendment in San Francisco.

And the most sought-after brew of the night will be Brooklyn Brewery’s newest creation, Cuvee Noire. It’s a strong, Belgian-style ale that packs an alcoholic punch at 9 percent.

It’s debauchery with an important purpose (and we’re the official media sponsor, just so you know!).

“You’ll be trying diverse beers that we don’t regularly have on the line,” said Eric Hall, general manager of the bar.

And the Cuvee?

“It just came out — and it’s delicious,” Hall said.

And what’s better with local beers than local bands? Hall is also bringing in several, including The John LaDeau Trio, which was a hit at the previous festival. Then again, everyone was drunk, so sometimes it’s hard to tell.
You can start your engines at 2 pm — and not power down until long after midnight.

“I won’t be kicking anybody out,” Hall said.

Beer Festival at Red Star Bar and Grill [37 Greenpoint Ave. near West Street in Greenpoint, (718) 349-0149]. Nov. 6 from 2 pm-midnight. Six beers for $20. For info, visit


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