Thursday, May 20, 2010

Underground art

Most people fled adolescence to escape the tedium of just hanging out in your parents’ basement on a Friday night. But this week, Hiding Gallery is bringing you back.

For its latest show, “In My Parents’ Basement,” on May 21, the Bushwick gallery has redone its walls for a retro, wood paneling look, adorning it with artwork created in the same free spirit that a basement hideout might have provided to bored youth.

Participating artists include Tao “I Stole from American Apparel” Lin, Two Tears, Nina Palucci, and singer Conrad Keely from …And You Will Know Us From the Trail of Dead, who curated the exhibition with Joe Jagos.

“Like a sort of adolescent shaman practice, youth of recent generations have been known to retreat to the insulated confines of their subterranean free-for-alls, often establishing a certain primal communion with the seeds of expressive ambition,” said Jagos, who premieres an animation that night.

“These tendencies blossom in play, so often sprung from boredom and pubescent discontent, producing works of all mediums, perhaps most iconically in the formation of ‘the basement band.’”

With that, the night will also feature musical performances by Gardens and Electric Flowers.

“In My Parents’ Basement” at Hiding Gallery [292 Ellery St. between Marcus Garvey Boulevard and Broadway in Bushwick], May 21 at 9 pm. For info, visit


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