Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's party time at 3rd Ward

By Aaron Short

3rd Ward is turning 4-years-old this month and throwing one heck of a hootenanny.

The Morgan Avenue arts organization, home to gallery exhibits, art classes, and late-night warehouse revelry, is putting out all the stops for its birthday on May 22, with live bands, free workshops and lots of barbecue.

Founder Jason Goodman is opening his space to the public by helping the community blow off some steam just before summer starts while recognizing some of its hard-working member artists.

“With the economy in such bad shape, we weren’t sure how our members, most of whom are creative freelancers, would fare. It turned out they needed us more than ever,” said Goodman.

Last year, Sen. Chuck Schumer crashed the party and participated in a synchronized cycling workshop, while The Meat Hook’s Tom Mylan butchered and grilled up a whole pig.
There’ll be more surprises this year.

So far, the arts center confirmed the participation of Bushwick Mobile/Synchronized Cycling, which will attempt to dance on BMX bikes and a new food venture launched just for the occasion.

For the more do-it-yourself minded, though there will be several new workshops on bookbinding, silversmith, and woodworking with reclaimed lumber, while bands including Pink Noise, Stumblebum Brass Band and Hank & Cupcakes will entertain the crowds.

The highlight of the afternoon will be a film and music collaboration sponsored by Moviehouse, where four DJs will face off, interpreting live music to scenes of short films on screen behind them.

Moviehouse founder Chris Henderson said he owes nearly everything to 3rd Ward, which has helped the low-budget organization flourish by showing free film screenings in Williamsburg at its space for the past two years.

“They’re our home and biggest supporter. They do the majority of the marketing and they don’t get involved too much creatively, which means we can just do our show. We’ve grown in a large part because of our association with Third Ward. They’re awesome,” said Henderson.

Birthday BBQ at 3rd Ward [195 Morgan Ave. at Stagg Street in Bushwick, (718) 715-4961], May 22 at 2 pm. Free. For info, visit


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