Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Puppets on parade in Park Slope

This Saturday in Park Slope, you just might think it’s Halloween.

Last fall, 20-foot giant puppets paraded through the neighborhood during the Halloween parade to help mark the harvest festival.

Now, with Brooklyn in the throes of spring, the colorful contraptions return for “Rites of Spring,” a pageant featuring snow dragons, “Where the Wild Things Are”-esque animals, smiling dandelions and other characters.

For over a decade, the annual performance has taken place in Prospect Park, but this year, the Puppeteer’s Cooperative finds a new home at the Old Stone House.

“It’s a look at the triumphant of spring over winter through the tale of Persephone and a crew of dandelions that release spring from the clutches of winter,” said Kim Maier, executive director of the Old Stone House.

Following a parade and performance by the Puppeteer’s Collective, children and adults alike are invited to try the puppets on for size. So maybe it’ll be just a little bit like Halloween.

Puppet Cooperative’s “Rites of Spring” at the Old Stone House [336 Third St. at Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, (718) 768-3195], May 15 at 1 pm. For info, visit


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