Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prom redux

This night is sure to be epic.

On May 22, your prom gets a do-over with The Epic Prom, a 1950s-themed dinner party in Williamsburg that is all about reliving your prom the way it should have been.

That means swing music from the Harlem James Gang (pictured) and vinyl spun by DJ Matt Mikas — with some slow dances to be thrown in for good measure (and bad memories!).

Kicking things off, will be a “grand march” a la Soul Train, with guests dancing down the line before making their way into the prom’s location — a gymnasium, of course — for a cocktail hour created by mixologist Cervantes.

On the food front, Brooklyn culinary personalities Theo Peck and Nick Suarez — of the culinary competition The Food Experiments — will be creating a cafeteria-themed feast, featuring a typical school menu but with a twist, for your discernible adult palate (take, for instance, the chicken confit “McNuggets,” or the Pulled Pork Sloppy Joe’s).

This being prom and all, the main concern is what to wear, and organizers Adam Aleksander and Brian Quinn recommend thinking “Grease” and Footloose” — 1950s-themed dress to go along with the theme. Think pastel-colored, solid-color suits for the gents and waist-pinching dresses with full skirts for the ladies.

“The whole idea is to give adults a chance to relive one of the most vital experiences in their lives, their prom,” said Aleksander. “Whether they had a good time or bad time, went or didn’t go, this is their chance to do it the way they’ve been imagining for many years.”

At this epic event, you’re not so much reliving prom, you’re reinventing it.

The Epic Prom is on May 22 at a secret Catholic school gymnasium in Williamsburg (location announced the day before to paid guests), from 9 pm to midnight. Tickets $75, including dinner, drinks and dancing. For info, visit


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