Monday, November 23, 2009

Script Tease

Here's more pre-Thanksgiving fun for you.

Tonight, the Union Hall Drama Club (love that name) presents Script Tease, a new play reading series held in the downstairs of the Park Slope venue.

The evening will feature readings of thematically related newworks, performed by professional actors, followed by cocktails and conversation. With the holiday approaching, they will present a irreverent evening filled with plays that feature plays about the good, the bad, the ugly - the wild frontier of the family get together.

Featuring plays by Holly Hepp-Galvan, Jeannine Jones, Courtney Brooke Lauria, Crystal Skillman, and Erin Murtaugh Strouse. With performances by Andrea Dionne, Ellen Haynes, Kate Juliano, Nancy Kelly, Jesse Manocherian, Mimian Morales, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Kristin Warheit and Brett Warwick.

Get a generous helping of catharsis to relieve your family angst before Thanksgiving (with help from happy hour-priced drinks).

Tonight at 7 p.m. Free. Union Hall is located at 702 Union St.


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