Monday, November 2, 2009

The Burg is back

Williamsburg's favorite (only?) television show is back.

Tubefilter fills us in on the return of Brooklyn hipster comedy The Burg.

On hiatus since 2007, the web series, from Brooklyn-based Dinosaur Diorama, returns with a full-length episode, picking up where the last episode left off.

Titled "Change," the episode finds two characters, Jed and Zander, realizing they live in "the coolest neighborhood of the coolest borough in the coolest city in the world,” attempting to set some new hipster trends and reaching back to childhood (to pogo sticks and skorts, which were cool at one point). Needing change she can believe in, another regular, Spring, looks to Obama for some direction to keep friend Courtney from selling out for a beach house.

Very much of the local scene, Tubefilter notes a number of Williamsburg-based bands tapped for the new episode, including Future in Plastics, Bishop Allen and Project Jenny, Project Jan.

Watch the current episode here, or head to if you need to catch up with the gang again before diving in.


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