Friday, November 20, 2009

Latkes for your home

While the prospect of a latke-eating contest isn't too appetizing to us, a modest serving is.

With potatoes and eggs as the base, the rest of the ingredients vary from one recipe to the next. So we asked around for a tried and true combination, and a friend procured this family recipe:

Number of potatoes of your choice (5 makes a medium batch)
Equal amount of eggs to number of potatoes
1 onion
A pinch of salt
1/4 cup matzo meal
Apple sauce (optional, but recommended)

Grate potatoes and onion and mix together.

Add eggs, salt, and matzo meal until mixture sticks (add more matzo meal if necessary).

Heat oil in skillet. (A trick to know when it is ready: put a piece of onion in the skillet; when it turns brown and starts to sizzle, you're good to go.)

Spoon batter onto skillet (make latkes as big or as small as you like) and fry until the ends begin to turn brown. Flip.

Remove onto paper towels.

Serve with apple sauce.

Have a recipe you'd like to share? Submit your own in the comments section.


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