Thursday, June 4, 2009

The prescription for what ails ya

“Big Girls Club (The Happy Dance Dance Princess Show)," a play on uppers, exploring excess, fetishism and female cruelty propelled by our ever-schizophrenic and media frenzied culture, coming soon to The Brick

Recession depression? Global warming got you down?

Seek an antidote from The Brick, as the Williamsburg theater known for its oddball themes presents The Antidepressant Festival, a month-long of theatrical productions exploring instant and medicated happiness, running June 5 to July 4.

With nearly 20 indie theater acts performing over the course of the month, including Glee Club singers and sock puppets, where to even begin? Well, on June 5, the whole thing kicks off with an opening night cabaret, as (self-proclaimed) doctor Lisa Levy, S.P. brings her couch to the Brick Theater’s stage for excerpts from her show, “Stand up. Lie Down.” Some of the festival’s characters will also drop in throughout the evening for brief sessions with the “doctor.”

The cabaret’s followed by a “Prescription Pill: Party, where you can tell Dr. Levy your problem and she’ll write you a “prescription”, which you can redeem at the “pharmacy counter” for some “medication.”

As the festival proceeds, you might just find one of the perfect prescription for your needs. If it’s booze, sports, or romance, writer-performer Danny Bowes has a show about all three, which combines essays on the title subjects and autobiographical storytelling. Titled fittingly “Booze, Sports and Romance,” it runs June 14 and June 20.

Happy songs might do it for some, and on June 7, 12, 20, and 28, you can catch “Glee Club,” a comedy about singing, and watch those blues get carried away by eight men singing in harmony.

Clowns tend to get the job done (right?), and on June 26 and 27, the boys behind Logic Limited, Ltd. are hosting a self-help seminar where you can reach catharsis by laughing at them, in “Schaden, Freude and You: A 3 Clown Seminar.”

Not all of the shows take place on The Brick’s mainstage. The Fifth Wall, which had a hit run last year at the theater with “Suspicious Package,” returns with an all new interactive adventure that turns the audience into the actors by bringing them onto the streets of Williamsburg with a Zune media player and into the middle of a mystery. This year’s show, “Suspicious Package: Rx,” takes the brave participants into the not-too-distant post-apocalyptic future in which “happy pills don’t make anyone happy, memories can’t be trusted, and everyone seems a little suspicious,” say the organizers. Shows are by appointment, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sneaky Snake Productions will be performing “Adventure Quest,” a play that is reminiscent of old-school computer adventure games, combining live action with graphics and 8-bit music. Shows are on June 6, 17, 25 and July 4, but you can also play the game yourself online and let the nostalgia begin.

For a look at all the antidepressant fest productions, running from June 5 to July 4, go to Tickets are $15 unless otherwise noted. The Brick Theater is located at 575 Metropolitan Avenue.


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