Friday, June 5, 2009

Come on, get happy

Smile, it's "Glee Club"

These are troubled economic times - yes, we know. Though the recession has been a bane for many (in the last month, 345,000 to be exact), some entertainers are working their hardest to cheer up you.

As previously noted, The Brick Theater in Williamsburg (575 Metropolitan Avenue) is putting on its Antidepressant Festival, a month of oddball plays and acts that range from glee clubs to cabaret. That kicks off tonight with "doctor" Lisa Levy, S.P. performing excerpts from her show, “Stand up. Lie Down.” The cabaret’s followed by a “Prescription Pill: Party," where you can tell Dr. Levy your problem and she’ll write you a “prescription,” which you can redeem at the “pharmacy counter” for some “medication.”

Also in Williamsburg, one show is sending in the clowns to fight those depression blues. "And Everyone Laughed," June 13 at the S.L.A.M. Warehouse (51 N. 1st Street), will feature said clowns, as well as flying trapeze artists, a strongman, and an eclectic mix of music and mixed−media art in a Coney Island-esque event for North Brooklyn.

At $20, the ticket price is just at that point where you might hesitate going, but it also serves as a benefit for the Streb Dance School. So that should also make you feel good.


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