Friday, February 11, 2011

Feature Features

There are a lot of interesting features written about Brooklyn, covering food, music, film, you name it. So, to share them with you, we're creating Feature Features, a link-based post on all manners of Brooklyn stories.

Here's what we're reading today:

"36 Hours in Brooklyn": The Times travel section does something interesting today - it tours Brooklyn. That's right, food writer Sam Sifton does an arts and gastronomical glimpse of the borough - well, Carroll Gardens up to Williamsburg and Greenpoint, which, Curbed points out, he nicknames "Hipchester." We repeat their "Say wha?" on that choice.

"A Taste of Old Brooklyn": The Epoch Times does its own tour, this time of Southern Brooklyn, stopping in at Totonno's, Gargiulo's, and Randazzo's.

"The Writer's Life: A sunny move for New Yorker Jonathan Lethem": OK, this one isn't in Brooklyn, but it's still worth pointing out. The LA Times rubs it in our faces that Brooklyn Bard Jonathan Lethem is now in Southern California, enjoying all that unrelenting sunshine. He'll have a difficult time being welcomed back after these comments, though: "Brooklyn is repulsive with novelists, it's cancerous with novelists...That can sometimes be too much when you need to also be inside yourself, exploring your own meandering feelings, not dictated by your environment, but dictated instead by what you read that day, or something else."


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