Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where to shop for that Chinese feast

By Erica Sackin

Chinese New Year is a great time to enjoy a full restaurant banquet. But if you want to make your own Year of the Rabbit feast, your first (and only) stop is the Hong Kong Supermarket on Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park.

The enormous grocery store is stock full of foods traditionally cooked for the New Year — dried fish and vegetables, noodles, dumplings and a full butcher case. The supermarket’s real draw, however, is its colorful array of holiday candies, located in a special seasonal section in the front. There, you’ll find stacks of dried fruit trays, special sesame balls and sticky cakes — all traditional sweets for the New Year.

Best of all, the prices themselves are enough to celebrate — few of the huge platters and boxes of sweets will cost you more than $10.

Hong Kong Supermarket [6013 Eighth Ave. between 60th and 61st streets in Sunset Park, (718) 438-2288].

Photo by Stefano Giovannini


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