Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a real 'meat' and greet

By Andy Campbell

Brooklyn, you’re about to witness the most epic all-you-can-meat party the borough has ever known.

Heritage Foods — the Bushwick protein distributors that superb restaurants like Fatty ‘Cue and Fette Sau swear by — is throwing a party on Sept. 25 at Roberta’s, complete with celebrity chefs, endless Six Point ales, and of course, all the top-quality meat you can possibly consume.

“It’ll be the biggest meat and greet we’ve seen,” said Patrick Martins, co-founder of Heritage Foods. “The party’s a tribute to all the farmers and restaurants we work with.”

The price tag may seem a little steep at $100, but where else are you going to find chef Gabe McMackin or Mario Batali serving up cured hams, smoked fish, pork shoulder, prosciutto, turkey, and brisket next to some hot DJs and an endless glass of Sweet Action?

Plus, all that meat comes from Heritage’s small, all-American family farms — that means no genetically modified feed, no animal cruelty, no E. coli, no bull. The quality’s better than a so-called “gourmet” meal in Manhattan, and the tab is cheaper.

Plus, it harkens back to New York’s legendary tradition of the “beefsteak,” those all-you-could-hold parties that filled union members with massive cuts of steaks, chops and beer — typically on the eve of an election.

But at those parties, cutlery was disdained. In the 2010 version, you can literally stick a fork in it until you’re done.

Meat and Greet at Roberta’s [261 Moore St. between Bogart and White streets in Bushwick, (718) 417-1118], Sept. 25, 7 pm. For tickets, call (718) 389-0985. For info, visit


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