Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Great way to ring in 'Oktober'

By Meredith Deliso

The main event may be in Germany, but over here, you can still get some Oktoberfest action, thanks to Kelso of Brooklyn’s own outdoor brews, brats, and beats event on Oct. 2.

Kelso, Heartland Brewery and Captain Lawrence Brewing Company will be offering up some seasonally inspired ales, from pumpkin brews to, of course, Oktoberfest-style beers. There will also be music from jam band Small Kraft Warning.

The vibe will be “real casual,” said Kelso owner Kelly Taylor, who was inspired by a hot dog cook-off/fundraiser he held this past summer to do more events at his Clinton Hill brewery.

“We’ve always been involved in charities, donating kegs to nonprofits, theater companies, whatnot,” said Kelly. “It just occurred to us that we have a pretty good venue and can pull off some of our own fundraising efforts.”

To that end, proceeds from the block party will go to the Brown Memorial Community Development and Food Pantry, which is a stone’s throw away from the brewery on Waverly Avenue.

“There’s literally a line around the corner of the church with people waiting to get cans of food,” said Taylor. “It makes sense to have people come and be gluttonous and enjoy good food and drink, and have the money they paid go to people who can’t afford to eat bread.”

It’s a party with a purpose.

Oktoberfest Street Party at Kelso of Brooklyn [529 Waverly Ave. between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenues in Clinton Hill, (718) 398-2731], Oct. 2 from 1-5 pm. Tickets $40 and includes a plate of food and three craft beers. For info, visit


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