Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Edible Complex

By Meredith Deliso


For two days this week, feast on gyros, shish kebab and baklava until your stomach aches at the Three Hierarchs Church’s Greek Food Festival, an annual tradition at the Midwood church for more than 50 years.

Thousands come out from all over the city for the outdoor festival, from Sept. 18-19, which prides itself in authentic, homemade Greek food.

“It’s a great festival, all home cooking and home-cooked pastries,” said Gus Savaros, president of the church council. “There’s all kinds of great delicacies. The pastries are outrageous.”

Not to be missed are the loukoumades, a flour-based treat fried and dipped in honey and seasoned with cinnamon and nuts.

The food’s so good many festival-goers make sure to buy some extra plates to bring home for seconds later.

To help you dance it all off, a live band will be playing Greek and Greek-American tunes.

“It’s music, dining and drinking,” said Savaros. “There’s something for each palate.”

Greek Food Festival at Three Hierarchs Church [1724 Avenue P between E. 17th and 18th streets in Midwood, (718) 339-0280], Sept. 18 from 6 pm-midnight and Sept. 19 from noon-6 pm.


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