Monday, January 11, 2010

Tracking vampires

The Post checks in with Vampire Weekend, an UWS act that now calls Brooklyn home.

So where does this Fab Four like to hang out when they're not making ridiculously catchy songs? Among singer-guitarist Ezra Koenig's New York City picks, as he tells the Post, are these Brooklyn spots:

Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches (311 Atlantic Ave.): “Everything about it is excellent. One of the last times I was in there, they were watching ‘Wayne’s World,’ which was a very pleasant surprise. Lately I’ve been getting the tofu or the portobello banh mi.”

The Community Book Store (212 Court St.): “It’s a jam-packed labyrinth of used books. I’m almost scared for the dude who works there, though, like his desk is a huge mound of papers. But I get the feeling that he also knows where every book is in the store.”

Bed-Stuy Goodwill (1102 Fulton St.): “They used to have a pretty sweet selection of old calypso records. When I lived in Bed-Stuy, I found this cricket sweater there that had a blood stain on it. If it was another article of clothing, I would have been grossed out, but I guess I liked to imagine some dude playing cricket, and things got a little too rough.”

For those hoping to randomly run into the band at these spots, you'll probably have better luck at one of their three upcoming shows. They play United Palace Theater Jan. 17, Webster Hall Jan. 18, and Bowery Ballroom Jan. 19.

Photo: NY Post


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