Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party at Davey's

The Señors of Marseille like keeping it local.

For their first video, "The Coolest Girl In New York," the Brooklyn band took to the streets of Carroll Gardens, filming at a local supermarket, on the B61, and at B61, a bar on Columbia Street.

Now, for their latest video, for the single "Davey," released earlier this year by Holiday Records, the band shot a rooftop party at their place in Fort Greene, with director by Leo Aponte behind the helm giving it a '70s New York feel.

For those moving shots, keyboardist Matt Swope taped a video camera to his bike helmet and rode all over the city, including Myrtle Avenue and the Manhattan Bridge.

Filming in Brooklyn, besides the convenience, was an ode to the borough's awesomeness, says guitarist Graham Bishop. "I decided to move to Brooklyn (years ago) primarily because of the art scene. So, in that way, filming in Brooklyn is sorta a testament to the awesomeness of that scene."

Check it out below:


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