Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This week in 24/Seven

Each week we'll preview what you can expect in our 24/Seven print edition, out Thursday for you southern Brooklynites and Friday for the downtown neighborhoods.

Highlights include:

Music: The Brooklyn County Fair, December 16 at Jalopy in Red Hook, rounds up some of the city's best country acts, from cowpunk to bluegrass.

Food: Bobby Flay may have met his match on Court Street, as he takes on Fish Tales Gourmet Seafood Market owner John Addis in a thrown for his Food Network TV show.

Film: Park Slope is the site of apostles and break ups in two films: "The Apostles of Park Slope" by Jason Cusato and "Alone" by Daniel Johnson.

Columns: Pumps & Pleats has your post-holiday shopping at the Kings Plaza Mall, while the Kitchen Klutz makes Granny's cake for her birthday, and The Reporter's Table is enthusiastic over something that doesn't garner as much excitement - beets.

For these stories and more, pick up a copy in your nabe or check back here later today!


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