Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Casserole crazy

Crazy for casserole. Photo (appropriately): Casserole Crazy

Last week it was apple pie. This week, your challenge is casserole.

Brooklyn Label in Greenpoint hosts the fifth annual Casserole Party tonight, organized and hosted by Casserole Crazy author Emily Farris.

Those heeding the call with an original recipe at the ready, there are still spots left (you have to register first). And it might be good to bone up on the rules and regulations. You wouldn't want to be disqualified for forgetting a serving spoon. Also get in the Brooklyn cook-off know through Brooklyn Based's handy guide (from last year, so dates for competitions are off, though still helpful).

The casserole creations will be judged by Tom Mylan (executive butcher, the Meat Hook butcher shop), Nichelle Stephens (founding co-editor, Cupcakes Take the Cake), and Rachel Wharton (deputy editor, Edible Manhattan & Edible Brooklyn). Also indulge yourself in the baked goods once the judges have had their fill.

Starts tonight at 7:30 p.m. Brooklyn Label is located at 180 Franklin St.


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