Friday, October 30, 2009

Dressing up

For their next First Saturday event, the Brooklyn Museum encourages museum-goers to come dressed as their favorite rock star, in keeping with their current exhibit, "Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 to the Present."

With Brooklyn's Crystal Stilts, The Beets and Grass Widow on the bill, we thought we'd see who they would choose to emulate.

The Crystal Stilts founders both picked rock and rollers with a more tailored sense of style, from a rock and roll guitarist to a punk rocker.

JB Townsend (Crystal Stilts guitarist): "Someone once told me that I looked like the big bopper," says JB. "I don't think I'd do that all all. The guy that told me was a senile old man. He was kind of crazy. Maybe Link Wray."

Andy Adler (Crystal Stilts bassist): "Oh gosh, I'm not particularly into the whole rock and roll look per se. Maybe some of the well-dressed men of rock and roll. Vic Godard - he kind of has class. Nothing too particularly...rock. I've never been one for the real rock and roll look."

The Beets, a rock band based out of Jackson Heights in Queens (and one of the L Magazine's bands you need to hear now) were a bit creative with their answers. Says Jose Luis Garcia: "We at The Beets feel being a rock star is a state of mind. I mean come on, who is more rocking then a Dracula? Kids are eating that up these days with the 'True Blood' and those fancy teen vamp movies. It's like the eighties all over again." As far as The Beets' music goes, they're more into an earlier decade, with their 60s garage rock vibe.

And thus, their picks:

Jose Garcia (The Beets bassist): Frankenstein

Juan Wauters (The Beets guitarist ): A hippie.

Jacob Warstler (The Beets drummer): Dracula

San Francisco's all female surf rockers Grass Widow also went with the rock and roll as a state of mind opinion, and are more comfortable being themselves. Explains drummer Lillian Maring:

"We usually prefer to represent ourselves as being in positions that are attainable, rather than the coveted, iconic stance of the rock star (anyone can be in a band). Which is why we wear street clothes. I'm stoked on the concept and excited to see what people show up wearing! it's going to be fun!"

You heard from the bands. Let's hear from you. What rock star would you go as? Or would you channel your inner rock star and just be yourself?


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