Thursday, August 20, 2009

Look who's coming out to pla-ay

By Junico Simino

“Warriors...Come out to plaaaaaay.”

On August 29, Coney Island USA (CIUSA), a non-profit organization that sponsors cultural art events in Coney Island, is holding a special benefit/fundraiser for the 30-year reunion for the film “The Warriors.”

“The Warriors,” which was filmed in Coney Island, has achieved cult status since its debut in 1979. The film follows nine guys from The Warriors gang of Coney Island as they head up to the Bronx for a large gang meeting. When the leader of the meeting is assassinated, the Warriors are framed. They soon realize that they must make their way back to Coney Island. The film follows their struggle back home through enemy turf.

The night will feature cast appearances by Michael Beck (Swan), Dorsey Wright (Cleon), Brian Tyler (Snow), Thomas G. Waites (Fox), and Terry Michos (Vermin). They will hold an autograph signing outside Sideshows By The Seashore, 1208 Surf Avenue, from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The event is open to the public.

Although tickets are currently sold out, current ticket holders will be able to meet and greet with the cast from 8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. A special screening of “The Warriors” at Sideshows By The Seashore theater will take place from 9 to 10:35 p.m., and a question and answer discussion with the cast will follow the film from 10:35 p.m. to 11:05 p.m.

“We’re excited to do this,” said Rob Leddy, a representative from CIUSA. “The film has garnered a huge cult following and appeals to people globally. Being that ‘The Warriors’ are identified as being from Coney Island and are on a mission to get back home, the theme of Coney prevails throughout the film. This film puts Coney Island in the spotlight and 30 years later people still make the pilgrimages out to Coney, to see streets where it was shot on. Throughout the years I get e-mails from fans wondering if places in the film still exist and wondering where such and such was.”

CIUSA has screened “The Warriors” the past five years at its annual Coney Island Film Festival.

“Each time it sells out with avid fans reciting lines, clanging bottles,” said Leddy. “It’s really quite the spectacle.”

Representatives for the film’s actors had approached CIUSA about doing a reunion and film screening, which coincides with Super Mega Show and Comic Fest, a comic book and film festival in Secaucus, NJ, where cast members from “The Warriors” will also be in attendance.

Although the movie has been screened for the past five years, this is the first time fans will be able to interact with the cast in the actual amusement area where the film was shot.

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