Friday, August 21, 2009

Best are in Brooklyn

Huckleberry Bar in East Williamsburg. Photo: Katie Sokoler/Gothamist

Gothamist presents its Best NYC Bars and Restaurants. Top of the list? Brooklyn venues, with more than half of this offerings found in the borough.

"Yes, most of those are in Brooklyn, but that's also where most of the space and most of the still-somewhat-tolerant neighbors are to be found," says the blog.

Making the list in Brooklyn are:
Ortine, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Brooklyn Museum of Art
Spuyten Duyvil in Williamsburg
T.B.D. bar in Greenpoint
The Diamond in Greenpoint
Nita Nita in Williamsburg
Huckleberry Bar in East Williamsburg
Vutera in Williamsburg
Brooklyn Ice House in Red Hook

What favorite would you like to add?


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