Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Momofuku - in Brooklyn!

By Erica Sackin

It used to be that the worst thing about the delicious cakes, pies and pastries offered at Momofuku’s Milk Bar was the subway ride into Manhattan to get them.

Well, no longer.

The scintillating sweets-peddler has just set up its first Brooklyn-based outpost, and will be offering its tasty treats through the holidays. 

Milking the location of its Metropolitan Avenue industrial kitchen, the cult baker opened a small, credit-card-only storefront just before Thanksgiving. Devotees are welcome to order any of the cult baker’s over-the-top goods online — from their crack pie to the bluberries and cream cookies — and pick them up in the brand new storefront.

Walk-in customers are also welcome, but be warned: the storefront takes no cash — and requires a $20 minimum purchase. So be prepared to walk away with at least a dozen cookies (not a difficult task once you’ve tasted them).

Though this storefront plans on closing after the holidays, the delicious dessert dealer promises that a permanent Brooklyn location is “in the cards,” possibly near the bakery’s industrial kitchen in Greenpoint.

“We all live within a 10-block radius,” said employee Alison Roman. “We love it here.”

Momofuku Milk Bar [382 Metropolitan Ave. between Havemeyer Street and Marcy Avenue in Williamsburg, (718) 599-1370], daily 10 am–6 pm. Order online at www.milkbarstore.com.


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