Friday, October 29, 2010

'Total Recall' at Metrotech

Much of summer's outdoor art may be gone, but Metrotech keeps the spirit alive.

In "Total Recall," opening Nov. 3 at Metrotech Commons, five artists explore the ephemeral nature of memory through large-scale sculpture, including Martin Basher's "Minimal Consumption/Reflective Sublime/Aspirational Sunset Art" (left).

"All the works in 'Total Recall' are vastly different in form, material, construction, and fabrication," said Nicholas Baume, Public Art director and chief curator. "The exhibition threads them together with the concepts of memory and nostalgia, as well as connotations associated with familiar objects, places and ideas."

In addition to Basher, participating artists include Zipora Fried, Sam Moyer, Matt Sheridan Smith and Kevin Zucker. The exhibit runs from Nov. 3-Sept. 11, 2011.


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