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Ich Bin Ein Bay Ridger - Oktoberfest begins and ends near the Narrows

Christina Quinlan (left) and Melissa Hernandez
have got the goods - Spaten Oktoberfest beer and
a Bratwursteller - at Schnitzel Haus.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini
By  Michelle Minetti

Get out your best dirndl and iron your lederhosen — it’s Oktoberfest! 

Fall festivities tied around good food and drink (think meat and beer) in honor of the September German tradition are going on all month long in Bay Ridge, whose bars and restaurants are specially offering some of the most wunderbar German cuisine and beer that will have any mann or frau saying danke shÖn. But don’t delay — Oktoberfest doesn’t extend into November.

The Schnitzel Haus
Bay Ridge’s sole German restaurant is reveling in this time of month, breaking out its authentic German cuisine, along with some delicious new options tied around Oktoberfest. 

Fill up on more traditional Oktoberfest dishes such as Wiesn-style Bierbraten — beef roast in beer gravy — or Spaten-beer marinated pork roast. Both plates are $18. 

To help you wash down all that meat, Spaten, Paulaner and Hofbrau are on draft for $5. Also try your hand at Das Boot, a three-liter boot-shaped mug filled with Germany’s most popular beverage.

The food and drink alone won’t make you feel like you’re in a little Deutschland.

“It’s a cozy and comfortable place, especially with all the German signs and décor,” said bartender Todd Brzozowski.

The Schnitzel Haus [7319 Fifth Ave. at 74th Street in Bay Ridge, (718) 836-5600]. For info, visit

Hunter’s Steak House
Sauerbraten, schnitzel and wurst — oh my! 

In addition to its steakhouse cuisine, Hunter’s Steak House is offering a price-fixed Oktoberfest menu this month.

“Originally, we were Lorelei’s, a German establishment, so we like to celebrate that part of who we were and we get such a great response,” said waitress Joann Farley. “Everyone really enjoys the menu.”

For an appetizer, there’s a traditional German salad platter of white cabbage, cucumber and beef. You can pick pork schnitzel, sauerbraten or a wurst platter for your main entry. Top it all off with a piece of apple strudel — all for $24.95.

A number of Oktoberfest beers will be available, of course, including Spaten.

Hunter’s Steak House [9404 Fourth Ave. at 94th Street in Bay Ridge, (718) 238-8899]. For info, visit

Bean Post Pub
If you really just care about the beer, then be sure to drop in to the Bean Post Pub, which is offering a large variety of Oktoberfest beers this season. 

Samuel Adams Oktoberfest and Victory Festbier are on draft for $6. There’s also Hofbrau, Reissdorf Kolsh and Halloween Pumpkin Beer available from $5-$6 bottled.

With all these great choices, how can one decide (besides trying all of them)? 

“I recommend the Reissdorf Kolsh,” said bartender Chris Dirusso. “It has a fine lager taste.”

The bar serves classic pub food in case you do get hungry, and brings in a DJ on the weekends for the dance floor. Just don’t expect any polkas.

Bean Post Pub [7525 Fifth Ave. at 76th Street in Bay Ridge, (718) 745-9413]. For info, visit


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