Thursday, April 8, 2010

Steve Five's hangs

When not fronting his band The Library is on Fire, Steve Five likes to keep it local.

He shared with us some of his favorite spots, in and around his Bushwick neighborhood:

1293 Mrytle Ave. between Cedar Street and Central Avenue

AKA "The Bat Cave," "It's a sort of a cheap divey place over on Myrtle. It’s like a Batman-themed bar."

1142 Myrtle Ave. near Broadway

"There aren't too many places in Bushwick to go out, Unless it's like an underground speakeasy style show or party, like Market Hotel." (Well, maybe not lately.)

212 Berry St. at N. Third Street

"Most of the time, I find myself at the Levy in Williamsburg despite my best intentions."

351 Broadway between Rodney and Keap streets

"I think I understand DJ culture more now," said Five, who works there as a bartender. "I think I’ve seen the bset of the best."

49 S. Second St. between Kent and Wythe avenues

Five and Co. play there tonight to celebrate the release of their sophomore album, "Magic Windows, Magic Nights." At 9 pm. Tickets $7.


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