Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's time for the Gowanus Grind

Ollie oop!

Skateboard enthusiasts can show off their stuff on April 17 when Thomas Greene Park hosts Gowanus Grind, a full day of skate clinics and contests.

The long-forgotten park, on Third Avenue between Douglass and Degraw streets, has been envisioned as a skateboarder haven, complete with grind rails and half pipes — and the Tony Hawk Foundation has doled out some large cash for skate elements that will be installed this summer.

For now, though, skateboarders can practice their gnarly kickflip 50–50 grinds on jumps and rails set up for the day’s festivities — a celebration of the continued development and creation of a true neighborhood park.

“There’s just not enough things for kids to do,” said Sue Wolfe, president of the Friends of Douglass/Greene Park.Gowanus Grind will also feature live music, food, games and art. So if you haven’t perfected that ollie, you can still join in on the fun.

“Gowanus Grind” at Thomas Greene Park [Third Avenue between Degraw and Douglass streets in Gowanus, (917) 568-8751] on April 17, noon to 5 pm. Admission free. For info, visit

-Stephen Witt


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