Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kitchen Klutz: Santa Claus needs a sugar rush

Photos by Joe Maniscalco

Michèle De Meglio

Santa Claus is real! And he’s hungry!

In hope of appeasing that famously jolly fellow, I’ve continued my holiday cookie extravaganza with a round of sugar cookies. Mmm!

Admit it, when you were 10 years old, there was nothing more exciting than leaving a plate of warm cookies and a tall glass of milk for Kriss Kringle.

Growing up in Starrett City, I joined my brothers in placing our cookies and milk combo by our apartment’s terrace door. Our digs lacked a warm fireplace so how else was Santa going to get in? Duh!

We even went so far as to demand that our mother unlock the terrace door so Santa wouldn’t have any trouble. This may have been a safety concern but I really wanted a She-Ra castle!

After we screamed at the top of our lungs (three annoying brats can be pretty persuasive), my mom eventually relented and opened the door.

Looking back, I’m sure she sighed and locked the door two seconds after we ran to our beds.

But that’s not the point. The point is that we were so excited to wake up Christmas morning and discover that the cookies had vanished!

In hope of recreating that magical feeling, I concocted a batch of sugar cookies over the weekend.

I combined a bunch of ingredients (such as eggs, butter, flour and sugar, of course) in a mixing bowl and got to stirring. Then, I spooned the batter onto a cookie sheet and into the oven it went!

Verdict: There’s not enough sugar on my sugar cookies! The treats came out soft and moist but lacked the sweetness necessary to satisfy Santa. Gosh, I hope Mr. Claus isn’t mad. I’m jonesing for a Kindle.

Kitchen Klutz follows 20-something Michèle De Meglio as she burns casseroles and her fingers, all in hope of trading frozen dinners for home cooking.


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