Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Eternal Christmas in Brooklyn

The Flaming Fire Art Collective has created a festive and mesmerizing holiday installation entitled “Eternal Christmas: A Yuletide Dreamland, 2009” exploring the mythological and cultural roots of the winter season.

The work is inspired by an authentic desire to reconnect humanity to the ritualistic nature and magic of the winter solstice, a time to reflect upon and examine the transitive nature of life and death.

This month-long residency at Temple of the Dying King (525 Atlantic Ave.) is held in a formerly vacant storefront and combines live musical performances, ritualistic light installations, handmade sculptures and costumes all driven by a unifying sense of beauty and horror, a holiday vision of pathos, pain and power.

Situated within a sprawling installation entitled the “Temple of the Dying King” created by visual artist Camilla Ha and the Flaming Fire Art Collective, it will feature a series of rooms originally conceived in a dream: a grandmother’s house filled with birds of prey, Egyptian goddesses, smoking volcanoes and platters of cookies; an ominous dark night room with scattered hermaphroditic bodies lying in shallow pools of water; and a white crystalline bandshell where musical acts perform in an icy fortress of solitude.

The show features regular live concerts by a rotating cast of musicians including house band LYDSOD, who will be recording a full-length Christmas album from start to finish during the residency, Goth-Bluegrass superstar Dame Darcy, multi-media artist Alyssa Taylor Wendt, an interactive illustrated bible art-book project, famed graphic novelist Lauren Weinstein, live projections, a website documenting the collective’s activities and a meditative atmosphere where visitors can sit and reflect upon the transformational magic and ritualistic mysteries of life during the darkest days of the year.

The residency is made possible by the Art Assets and ISSUE Project Room. An ongoing schedule of events is available here. The show runs through January 5.


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