Friday, February 18, 2011

Not too cold for this ice cream

By Alex Rush

It may be ice cold outside, but that doesn’t make the creamy concoctions at Ice Cream, U Scream any less irresistible.

The husband-and-wife duo that owns the Gerritsen Beach parlor says that even during the city’s snowiest season, the shop still packs in more than 100 people after school and on the weekends. The nabe just can’t get enough of its one-of-a-kind flavors.

“I’m here all the time because they make the best ice cream anywhere,” said Thomas Hines. “Where else can you find an ice cream cake flavor?”
Locals George and Patty Smyth (pictured) took over Ice Cream, U Scream in 2007 and immediately redecorated and, most important, began creating never-before-tasted flavors. One of their most popular concoctions is rainbow cookie ice cream.

“One of our regular customers used to bring us rainbow cookies all the time, and one day she suggested that we turn it into an ice cream flavor,” said George.

The owners’ willingness to experiment is one of the main reasons why the shop is so popular. For instance, they were inspired by their kiddie customers’ love of candy to create an Almond Joy flavor and are currently testing out a marshmallow and peanut butter yogurt blend.

“When we get an idea for a new flavor we’ll make some small batches to sell,” said Patty.

And if it sells well, they’ll make it a regular menu item, added George.

The pair also lets the neighborhood kids submit ideas for a new flavor every summer. Last year, the choice ice cream had treats for all taste buds, combining brownies, fudge, marshmallows and gummy bears.

“We really try to be very neighborhood-friendly,” said Patty. “We live in the neighborhood, our kids go to school in the neighborhood and it’s important for us to know all our customers.”
And their ice cream preferences.

Ice Cream, U Scream [2714 Gerritsen Ave. between Everett and Florence avenues in Gerritsen Beach, (718) 891-6111].

Photo by  Peter V. Milo


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