Friday, February 18, 2011

Feature Features

There are a lot of interesting features written about Brooklyn, covering food, music, film, you name it. So, to share them with you, we're creating Feature Features, a link-based post on all manners of Brooklyn stories.

Here's what we're reading today:

"What's With the Distressed Look of BAM's Harvey Theater?": In its Ask Playbill series, the site explains the unfinished aesthetic of the Fort Greene venue, in case you were ever wondering why it looks war-torn.

"The Brooklyn Beer Battle": Has Brooklyn Brewery lost its edge? New York Press thinks so, exploring the brand as it expands, but loses some fans in the borough.

"10 Brooklyn DIY Classes for the Coming Apocalypse": So when civilization needs to restart, you have all the basics skills down, such as knife sharpening and composting. Thanks, L Magazine.

"Memoir: When Brooklyn Was Mine": Naima Coster recalls Fort Greene as she knew it growing up in the late 1980s and '90s in this thoughtful piece on the Local.

"Stitch by Stitch and Block by Block": The New York Times profiles Nayantara Banerjee, aka the Williamsburg Seamster. For apparels you can't trust with just anybody, this hard-working seamstress seems to be the answer.


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