Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lake Simons's new show is life upside down

By Alex Rush

Get ready to throw all sense of reality out the door.

In “Etiquette Unraveled,” a new one-woman show at the Red-Space in DUMBO from Feb. 3 to 13, Lake Simons dances, mimes, clowns and even uses puppets to show how a commuter’s daily life can become fantastically chaotic.

This being a solo performance, Simons seamlessly switches back-and-forth between her main character and these random, gender-bending guest stars, which include a cowboy and a sea captain.

“The mundane actions of the daily life of a worker set up the character imagining what else is out there in the world,” said Simons, who wrote the play with Chad Lynch. “At that point, I take on other personas.”

“Etiquette Unraveled” has an actual plot, but each performance will be slightly different because Simons delivers many of her lines off-the-cuff, as her emotions drive the dialogue between the various characters she portrays.

“It’s pretty much a different show every night because my emotions change,” Simons said. “That’s part of the joy of performing the piece.”

“Etiquette Unraveled” at Red-Space [10 Jay St. at John Street in DUMBO], Feb. 3-13, Thursday-Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 5:30 pm. For info, visit


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