Friday, December 4, 2009

All Beatles, all day long

The Beatles Complete on Ukulele festival is coming to Brooklyn Bowl this Sunday.

We're pretty pumped for the kick-off at 11 a.m., featuring as many ukuleles as possible crowding the stage to play "All Together Now" (kind of makes us wish we knew how to play the little thing).

After catching Paul McCartney's performance of "Hey, Jude" at last year's Giants Stadium concert recently on TV, we're also excited about the prospects of a giant sing-along (we couldn't find that exact video, but see below for a mega-duet with McCartney and Elton John, which Sting also shows up for).

Also check out David LK Murphy's lovely rendition of the classic, as part of the Brooklyn event's organizers' expanded side project - all Beatles' songs done over the course of the year by various artists.

Given this Sunday's event is a 12-hour marathon, what Beatles song are you willing to spend all day at Brooklyn Bowl waiting to hear?


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